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WELLNESS: Choose it. Accept it. Live it!
Join The Qi Adventure
WELLNESS: Choose it. Accept it. Live it!
Qi Introductory Video
Qi Introductory Video
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What a joy it is to hear how the lives of Qi Members change from minute to minute. 
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You've Got Some Vagus Nerve
We just got off the wonderful Qi Call and I absolutely loved it!  It's so relaxing and easy going!  You guys are doing a great job!

Just wanted to share that we (Alex and I) did Annette's Vagus Nerve exercise. Before the exercise I had a pain in my left shoulder, have had it for several weeks now, and not matter what I've tried, the pain does not go away. It's not a super painful pain, but it's just there!

After the exercise, I asked my husband how he felt, and he said he could turn his head more, both ways. And for me, the pain disappeared just like that! I couldn't believe it!! We will be doing this exercise every day! Didn't know that the Vagus Nerve related to all organs or that it's the longest nerve in the body!!

Thanks so much!!  —Magda 😍😘
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Unexpected Change!

Regarding the mini mountain tool: This morning I used this exercise all alone in my home. I was absolutely stunned by what happened. I consider myself happy and pretty well adjusted. But this morning when I did the exercise moving my neck very slowly, tears sprung to my eyes. It was so unexpected! I can only surmise it released something within yet to be dealt with. Thank you so much!

—Judy R.
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Informative and Fun
Took part in the first Qi Zoom call. It was very informative and fun. Feel very relaxed after the meeting. Looking so forward to these Qi calls. Expect to learn a great deal about myself and how to lift my personal vibrations to a much higher plane. So many good members. Enjoy our happiness with each other.
—M. W.

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Laughter Medicine
I had always heard that laughter medicine helped a person heal faster. I avoid negativity and drama for this reason. But I didn't know that laughter training could make a difference in my life. The Laughter Challenge has been such a surprise. I do it three times a day and now I find my smile comes so easy, my stress is much less, and I want to get my laugh on with everybody instead of keeping my lips shut tight when I find something funny. What joy this has brought me and those around me. Thank you!

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Laugh on Command
I am doing the laughs and mini lessons and these have helped me in my daily life. I find at work that I am not getting tense when supplies are not delivered in timely manner as promised, or when I have to wait for 40 minutes on hold to get assistance to order prescription for home delivery for a patient, and the list goes on and on.  I believe that I am changing.
     I also now can laugh on command which is really funny.  I love the mini exercises- I feel like a beaver or even a child again doing these exercises.
     To my amazement, the tips and tricks are getting into my being and I am using them and am laughing at situations and really more at ease.
I am spending time on the webpages looking at the laughs, the tips, the adventures.
     I am seeing a difference in me with my attitude, handling daily life. I think I am getting and showing more grace, joy, patience and am laughing which is something that I have not done in quite a while.
—Libby R.
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